See what you can do when you Trade the Smalls!

Introducing a new way to…

  • manage risk
  • hedge your positions
  • speculate short-term
  • invest for the long haul
  • replace stocks

The Smalls Products

The Small Exchange is a new futures exchange looking to make futures markets more accessible to more people. They reduced the size of their products to give traders a manageable road to capital efficiency. The Smalls are designed with a universal spirit to encourage more trading and less studying. Plus, products are holistic representations of financial markets that accelerate your ideas to execution.

Small. Standard. Simple. 

S420 \ Small Cannabis 

Small Cannabis Futures - a low-cost product that lets you speculate on the future growth in cannabis. 

SMO \ Small US Crude Oil

Small US Crude Oil offers a small, efficient line to one of the most consumed energy sources in the world.

S2Y \ Small 2YR US Treasury Yield

Small 2YR US Treasury Yield is priced simply so you can forget the complications of other short-term rate products.

S10Y \ Small 10YR US Treasury Yield

Small 10YR US Treasury Yield is priced simply so you can skip the calculations in bond alternatives and just trade rates.

S30Y \ Small 30YR US Treasury Yield

Small 30YR US Treasury Yield is priced simply so you can get direct access to the long-term end of the yield curve.

STIX \ Small Technology 60

Small Technology 60 gives comprehensive access to the tech sector by tracking the most active stocks from information, retail, media, and biotechnology.

SFX \ Small US Dollar

Small US Dollar is priced directly to USD so you won’t need conversions when trading foreign exchange.

SM75 \ Small Stocks 75

Small Stocks 75 tracks millions of data points across the five major stock sectors to give you a truly active stock market.

SPRE \ Small Precious Metals

Small Precious Metals blends the most popular metals so you won’t miss the fashionable trade in such a dynamic market.

No more complication

The Small Exchange believes in standard products that keep you focused on trading. From stocks and bonds to commodities and currencies, our entire product suite was designed with an efficiency that empowers like futures and a construction that’s simple like stocks.

Uniform Pricing

Uniform Expirations

All Smalls move in 0.01 increments that equal $1.

All Smalls expire on the third Friday of the month.*

*Except SMO. Visit the SMO product page for details.

How can I trade Small Exchange's products at tastyworks?


The Works is our most flexible account package for active retail traders and includes access to trade the Smalls.

Available for Individual Margin Accounts.

You can get access to trade all available products:

  • Stocks
  • Covered and uncovered options
  • Covered and uncovered option spreads
  • Futures, including the Smalls
  • Options on futures

Also available, Portfolio Margin for accounts with appropriate suitability. Learn More.





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